Where do I enter a promotional code?

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Promotional codes from Atom Tickets must be entered on the Review your order page. 

To enter a promotion code:

  1. Select the desired movie and showtime
    • Found using the navigation wheel, searching by title or theater
  2. Tap the friends you want to invite
    • Select friends by tapping on their picture or using Search for friends
  3. Select amount of tickets and seats
    • Seat selection is only available at supported theaters
  4. On the Review Your Order page tap the Promo code text box
    • Located at the top of the page
  5. Enter the promotional code in the Promo code text box
    • Tap "Done" or "Enter" to confirm the promotion code
  6. The Review your Order page will reload and apply the promotion


Still need help? Contact our support team, Support@atomtickets.com or call 1-844-838-6284.

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