When I get to the theater what should I do?

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When you get to the theater, you can walk directly up to the ticket attendant (i.e. ticket-taker) and scan the QR code associated with your Atom Ticket.  If you purchased concessions, walk directly up to the concession counter where you see the Atom kiosk and scan your QR code to pick up your concessions.

If you can't access your QR code, please provide the ticket attendant with the phone number that was used to complete your order. The theater employee can access your order by Phone number, Ticket ID or Confirmation number. 


Hey Enoch, Thanks for using Atom! Your order for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at ArcLight La Jolla for 07:00 PM, 04/25/2016 is confirmed. Scan your QR code at the theater to redeem your tickets and concessions. Your ticket ID is 37250:04046805, confirmation # WMNBMMT

Using this example you would present this number to the theater employee - Your ticket ID is37250:04046805, confirmation # WMNBMMT



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