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What is Extras Plus and how is it different from the Extras Club?

Extras Plus is ShowPlace ICON Theatres' monthly membership program, powered by Atom Tickets. The plan includes access to 1 FREE movie ticket every month, the ability to reserve your seats in advance, and 20% off concessions and Lobby Lounge purchases! Extras Plus benefits can be redeemed exclusively at all participating ShowPlace ICON locations, using the Atom Tickets mobile app (available for iOS and Android). You can also manage your Extras Plus membership with the Atom Tickets app.
Extras Plus is true to its name. As an Extras Plus member, you will still receive all of the amazing benefits of the Extras Club and More!

What is the Extras Plus Member's pricing, and how does it work for myself and my friends?

With the Extras Plus Member pricing, you can share the magic of the movies with your favorite movie companion. Your Extras Plus membership includes special member pricing of $9.99 + tax for any ticket purchased for you and a guest per order.
Extras Plus Member pricing can be used when you redeem your membership benefits, as well as for additional purchases made for ShowPlace ICON locations on the Atom Tickets mobile app. For more details on what's included, please see Extras Plus Terms and Conditions.

What do you mean by "1 free movie ticket every month?"

Your Extras Plus membership gives you the benefit of waiving the cost and fee of one 2D movie ticket every 30 days.

Does my unused ticket roll over if I don't use it one month?

Yes! Any unused free ticket will roll over and never expire for active members. If you choose to cancel your subscription, any unused credits in your account will remain active for 180 days.

Can I use member pricing on tickets already purchased for a future movie?

Since member pricing can only be accessed through the Atom Tickets app, you would have to refund your tickets on the same platform where you purchased them on and repurchase them on the Atom Tickets app. Keep in mind that once you relinquish the seats during the refund process they are open for purchase and may not be available when you try to purchase them again. These seats cannot be held or swapped during this process.

What movies can I see with my Extras Plus membership?

Your membership includes access to any regular engagement 2D movie, every month. Experience your favorite formats and seat types, including: 2D, VIP, and ICONX seating, and if you choose a 3D film, the 3D fee is 50% off.
Some exclusions include marathon events, double features, fan events, FATHOM events, special engagements and/or any other special event showing.
For more details on what's included, please see Extras Plus Terms and Conditions.

Can I earn Rewards Points with my Extras Plus Plan?

No, because ShowPlace ICON doesn't use awards points. Rather than have you wait to collect a bunch of points in order to receive some benefits, ShowPlace just created the whole loyalty program around great benefits that you can use on every visit!

Can I use my Extras Plus Member pricing on $6 Tuesday?

The $6 Tuesday price is amazing and is the cheapest price you can get all week. And, as an Extras member, you will get any VIP or ICONX charge waived as well. Also, the 20% Extras Plus concession discount can still be used on concession treats all day on Tuesdays, but does not include alcohol or special offers.

Who can become a member?

You must be 18 years or older to become an Extras Plus member.

Can I use my Extras Plus membership at other theatres?

Why would you want to go anywhere else? Extras Plus is currently valid at all ShowPlace ICON Theatre locations except Minneapolis, MN.

Do benefits renew each calendar month, or is it based on when I sign up?

To make it as convenient as possible, your benefits begin on the date of your first payment and renew on the same day of each subsequent month. For example, if you join on November 19, your benefits will renew December 19, January 19, etc. In this example, once you've used all of your membership benefits for the month, they will renew on the 19th of the next month.
If you sign up on the 30th or 31st day of a month, your membership month will run through the day before the last day of the following calendar month. For example, if you sign up on October 31, your first month is from October 31 through November 29, your second month is from November 30 through December 30, etc.

How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your Extras Plus membership at any time via the Extras Plus section of the "My Profile" tab in the Atom Tickets mobile app or website, or by contacting Atom Tickets customer service.
For more details on cancellations, please see Extras Plus Terms and Conditions.

What is the Contract Period?

The Extras Plus is a continuous service membership with no minimum commitment. Your membership is automatically renewed each month at the end of your current billing cycle and service will continue until canceled.


I used my Extras Plus membership to get tickets, where's my QR code?

Your QR code will become available in the "My Profile" tab in the Atom Tickets app when you get to the theatre (within 60 minutes of showtime).

Does Extras Plus work online?

You can sign up in the Atom Tickets mobile app or on, but you can only redeem Extras Plus ticket price benefits for ShowPlace ICON locations in the Atom Tickets app. This means you will need to bring your phone with you to the theatre. Don't worry though, the app is super awesome and free to use for iOS and Android devices.

Can I use my Extras Plus membership for a guest?

Yes! Using your Extras Plus membership is no different than inviting a friend to a movie. Choose your movie, showtime, and number of tickets. Then, click on the "+" to assign the tickets of your choice. After completing the checkout process, the assigned ticket will be sent to your friend (messaging and data rates may apply). Don't worry, you'll also be able to send your friend their ticket after purchase, if necessary.
If you have more than one ticket credit in your membership you can easily apply them to your ticket and your guest's ticket in the same transaction.
Unless you've assigned additional tickets to friends, all tickets for the order will be on the same QR code, so everyone will need to check into the theatre together.

I have an Extras Plus plan, can I add additional tickets to my order?

Definitely! For every order, you'll have the option to add two additional tickets with the discounted $9.99 + tax Extras Plus Member ticket pricing. You can add the extra tickets on the ticketing screen, and you'll be charged accordingly.

What if I don't want to use my membership benefits for a ticket?

No problem. Simply tap on the right side of the ticket on the ticketing screen (where it says "Extras Plus") and toggle OFF next to "Use Pass On This Ticket." Prices for the ticket will appear and you can select the appropriate ticket type(s).

Can I use my benefits for more than one ticket to the same showtime?

Yes! If you have your benefits available for two tickets, you can use them for the same showtime. Simply hit "Add Ticket" on the ticketing screen and it will automatically default to applying your membership benefits.
If you don't want to apply your membership benefits to a ticket, tap on the right side of the screen (where it says "Extras Plus"), then toggle OFF next to "Use Pass On This Ticket."

Can I see the same movie more than once?

Of course! It is entirely up to you how you'd like to use your monthly benefits.

Can I use a promotion?

Valid promotions may be applied to full-price add-on tickets that you purchase, but they can't be combined and redeemed as part of your Extras Plus membership. This also applies to special concession promotions like the $5 Drink/Popcorn Combo on Tuesday.

Will all my fees be waived?

When you have an Extras Plus membership, any tickets you redeem or purchase on the Atom Tickets app will have the VIP / ICONX upcharge and online convenience fees waived. This includes orders where you don't use any of your membership benefits. If the film you choose is being shown in 3D, then the 3D fee is 50% off the normal fee.

What happens if I have to cancel a movie ticket order?

Plans change, we get it! If you've canceled your order 30 minutes before showtime, any membership benefits used for the order will be reposted to your account.
For any additional tickets purchased through Atom Tickets, you will receive a refund to either the original payment method or Atom Cash.

Can I get concessions discounts with my Extras Plus membership?

ShowPlace ICON menu choices are amazing, right? As an Extras Plus member, enjoy 20% off your favorite movie snacks at our concession stands as well as the Lobby Lounge inside your favorite ShowPlace ICON Theatre. The discount can be applied to any food or non-alcoholic beverage, but cannot be combined with special offers.
When you arrive at the theater simply enter your phone number into the concession kiosk and order all your treats. Upon checkout, the basket will automatically discount your order. For ordering in the Lobby Lounge, simply let your server know when you order that you are an Extras Plus member.
Since our kiosks don't use facial recognition, it is important to sign in first with your phone number, so ShowPlace knows you are one of our Extras Plus members.
Your 20% off benefit may not be combined with any other discounts or promotions and is only valid on regularly priced concessions items and our Lobby Lounge food menu.

Can I allow my friends and family to use my Extras Plus membership to get the 20% off discount?

In a word, no. The 20% discount can only be used by the Extras Plus member while they are at the location. In order for us to offer such an incredible discount, ShowPlace ICON can only extend this benefit to Extras Plus members. As stated in the Terms & Condition, any member found abusing the discount benefits may be subject to immediate cancellation of the membership. While we are sure you would never do this, sadly we have to say it anyway.
For more details on what's included, please see Extras Plus Terms and Conditions.
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