Can I invite my friends that don't have Atom?

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Yep, you can invite anyone to the movies! If you’re using the Atom Tickets app, just allow access to the contacts in your phone and you can choose who to invite. If you want to pay for them, awesome. If not, they can pay separately—no more IOUs.

If you invite friends who don’t currently use Atom, they can either download the app or purchase their tickets from the website using the link in their invitation.

We’re still working on the “Invite Friends” feature for our website, but after you purchase your tickets we give you a link you can share with anyone you want to invite. You’ll see the link on your order confirmation page under "Share Your Plans."

To Invite a Friend during the purchase process without paying for them (in the app):

  1. Select desired Movie, Date, and Showtime. You can browse by Movie or Theater.

  2. Select desired number of tickets and complete purchase.

  3. After purchasing tickets, you will see a screen that allows you to share showtime details with friends right away so they can purchase their own tickets. You can choose to share via text, email, Facebook or other social platforms.

  4. And, you can always invite more friends later using the "Invite Friends" link on the order confirmation screen. The friends list is generated from the contacts in your phone. Select the contact method. You can select to send the invite via Mobile (SMS text) or Email.

To invite a friend and pay for their ticket during the purchase process (in the app):

  1. Select desired Movie, Date, and Showtime. You can browse by Movie or by Theater.

  2. Select the “+ Add Ticket” button.

  3. Tap the downward arrow to choose your ticket type.

  4. Tap the + sign to assign the ticket to a contact. If the contact isn’t an Atom customer you’ll be asked to choose the phone number or email address for delivery. Even though you’re paying, they will get a ticket sent directly to their phone or email so you don’t have to wait for each other in front of the theater.

  5. To remove a ticket or contact, tap on the downward arrow and remove. To get more friends to appear in your contact list, connect Atom to your contacts or Facebook.

If you purchased tickets for friends, they will receive a QR code via email or text.

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