My plans changed - can I cancel my order?

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You can cancel an order up to 30 minutes before showtime from the Atom App or website. Drive-in movies, private parties and other special events/screenings may have different cancellation policies. Make sure to check the applicable policies to your showing before buying tickets.

When cancelling you have the option of selecting Atom Cash or Refund to original payment method. If you cancel an order and choose Atom Cash, the full dollar amount of the order, including any order fees, will be deposited and stored in your Atom Cash account. If you choose a refund, the order fees will not be included in the refund amount. Charges to your credit or debit card will be returned within 3-5 business days after cancellation, or 7-10 business days for third party payment methods including Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Venmo.

Showtime already started? Unfortunately, due to theater policy, there are no cancellations or refunds after showtime. Please contact a theater manager directly with any questions or concerns. If you're still not satisfied after contacting the theater you may contact Atom Customer Support at

If you redeemed a promo code or discount and then canceled the order, you’ll be able to reuse the code or discount if it is still valid. If you are not able to reuse the valid code or discount contact Atom Customer Support.

How to Cancel an Order

In the app: 1. Tap on the "My Profile" tab at the bottom right 2. Under "My Tickets & Invites" tap on the ticket (if you have more than one ticket, click "View All" to see more) 3. Tap “Cancel Order” 4. Tap either "Atom Cash" or "Refund"

From the website: 1. Log in and click the arrow for the dropdown menu at the top right, next to your name (mobile web users just tap "My Profile") 2. Click “My Tickets and Invites” 3. Select the movie, then “View Ticket” 4. Under Info click “View Your Order Details” 5. Scroll to the bottom to find the “Cancel Order” button 6. Click either "Atom Cash" or "Refund"

Note: If you need assistance with canceling an order, send us an email to

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