What is AMC Stubs A-List?

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AMC Stubs A-List™ is part of the AMC Stubs® loyalty program for AMC Theatres. The program lets you see up to 3 movies every week including premium formats such as IMAX® at AMC®, Dolby Cinema, PRIME at AMC®, RealD® 3D, BigD® and D-Box at any AMC®, AMC CLASSIC® or AMC DINE-IN™ locations in the U.S. for a flat monthly fee.

For more info, visit the AMC Stubs A-List FAQs.

Can I use my AMC Stubs A-List benefits on Atom?

You sure can! Just make sure to enter your member number during checkout and your A-List savings will automatically apply to your orders.

What movies can I see with my AMC Stubs A-List membership?

Films that are eligible for the A-List benefit are standard 2D digital films as well as films in IMAX®, Dolby Cinema®, PRIME, RealD® 3D, BigD® and D-Box.

IMAX VR® and special events are not eligible and are excluded from the A-List program.

Do I need to bring my photo ID to the theater?

Yes. Your AMC Stubs A-List membership is non-transferrable, and AMC Theatres requires a photo ID when you scan your ticket at the theater. Your photo ID must match the name on the AMC Stubs A-List account.

What if I don’t want to use my AMC Stubs A-List benefit for a certain order?

Seeing a matinee? You now have the option to pay for your ticket and save your A-List reservation for a more expensive outing...like an IMAX experience. If you don’t want to redeem one of your AMC Stubs A-List tickets (you get up to 3 per week!), you can simply opt-out of using your reservation on the order preview screen. If you opt out, you STILL receive AMC Stubs benefits on eligible purchases!

Do I earn AMC Stubs points when I use AMC Stubs A-List on Atom?

No, you will not receive AMC Stubs points for tickets reserved through A-List. However, you will earn points on any additional tickets or concessions you purchase!

What if I’m having trouble applying my AMC Stubs A-List savings to my order?

First, make sure you’re logged in to your Atom account and that your AMC Stubs A-List member number has been saved to the Theater Loyalty section. In the app, the Theater Loyalty section is located in your profile settings.

Second, make sure the movie you’re trying to see is eligible for an AMC Stubs A-List ticket and you have a reservation still available. You can access your AMC Stubs A-List account details by logging in to AMCTheatres.com or via the AMC Theatres app.

What if I need to cancel a ticket I got with my AMC Stubs A-List membership?

You can cancel your AMC Stubs A-List ticket just as you would with any Atom ticket, up to 30 minutes before showtime. For detailed instructions on how to cancel your ticket in the Atom Tickets app or from atomtickets.com, click here.

Cancellations must be made prior to showtime. If you don’t show up for your movie, the movie will still count as one of your three movies for that week.

For all other AMC Stubs A-List account questions, please visit the AMC Stubs A-List FAQs, contact AMC Stubs support or call 1-888-562-4262.

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