Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Safety & Age Policy

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Most theaters have implemented new COVID-19 policies to help keep you safe at the movies. To learn more, click here.


All patrons must be 18 years or older or be accompanied by a parent. For certain select shows the age polices may vary, but children must always be accompanied by a parent. For details about the age policy for a specific show, please check the show description page.

At Alamo Drafthouse we respect our guests, our employees, and the work of the filmmakers that unspools on screen. That’s why...

  • We have a Code of Conduct that strictly prohibits harassment of any type by anyone at our theater.

  • We have zero-tolerance for talking or using a cell phone of any kind during films. We’ll kick you out, promise. We’ve got backup.

  • We don’t allow anyone under the age of 18 to see a film unaccompanied unless they’re part of our Victory Vanguard program.

  • To minimize distractions, we generally don’t admit infants and small children. We do, however, offer weekly daytime screenings under the banner of Alamo For All, meant for young families and guests with special needs. We don’t show paid advertisements on our screens. Instead, if you arrive early you’ll see a custom preshow our video squad has filled with content we think you’ll love.


Guests won’t be admitted to the theater once the movie has started (i.e. after the trailers and Alamo ad reel).


We think our guests deserve the best possible cinematic experience, so we have a no-tolerance talking or texting policy. After one warning, disruptive guests will be kicked out of the theater without a refund. Got kids? Our Sensory Friendly, All Ages, and Kid Friendly screenings feature relaxed noise policies to accommodate babies and kiddos of all ages.


‘Alamo for All’ Sensory Friendly screenings are every Tuesday for all shows prior to 2:00pm and select weekend matinees. ‘Alamo for All’ screenings are open to all ages, including infants. In these specially designated screenings the house lights are left a little brighter and the sound is turned down a little lower. The feature film will run without the Alamo Drafthouse’s signature preshow and without trailers. Moving around the theater and noise will be allowed. Alamo Drafthouse’s normally strict rule against latecomers will also be relaxed at these screenings. The use of cell phones or other devices, however, will still be discouraged.

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