Do I need to purchase tickets for my friends?

AtomDataTeam -

With Atom, it’s totally up to you! When you invite friends through the app, you have the option to pay for their ticket or not. No more worrying about IOUs.

To pay for a Friend’s ticket during the purchase process (In-App): 1. Select desired Move, Date, and Showtime. You can browse by Movie or by Theater. 2. Select the “+ Add Ticket” button. 3. Tap the downward arrow to choose your ticket type. 4. Tap the + sign to assign the ticket to a contact. If the contact isn’t an Atom customer you’ll be asked to choose the phone number or email address for delivery. Even though you’re paying, they will get a ticket sent directly to their phone or email so you don’t have to wait for each other in front of the theater. 5. To remove a ticket or contact, tap on the downward arrow and remove. To get more friends to appear in your contact list, connect Atom to your contacts or Facebook.

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