I never received or lost my QR code, how do I get into the movie?

Enoch Owen -

You can view any pending event within the Atom app or on the Atomtickets.com website.

(In-App) Tap the menu in the top left, then tap "My Tickets & Rallies." Here you can view any pending event and the corresponding QR code.

Tip 1 (IOS only) - On the event detail page, you can add this order to your passbook, by tapping the "Add to Wallet" icon.

Tip 2 - Screenshot the QR code to save the image in your phone. This way you will always have access to your QR code.

(www.Atomtickets.com) Click your name in the top right "Hi, your name." Then click "My Tickets & Invites" to view pending events. Next click "View Ticket" here you will have access to the QR code and the ability to resend confirmation via Email, SMS, or print. 

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