I do not have data on my mobile plan, what should I do?

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Some customer may not have data on their mobile plan. If you have access to WIFI you can view the current event within the Atom app. First tap the menu in the top left, next tap "My Tickets & Rallies." Here you can view the pending event and the corresponding QR code. On the event detail page, you can add this order to your passbook, by tapping the "Add to Wallet" icon (iPhone only). You can also screenshot the QR code to save the image in your phone. With this method, you will always have access to your upcoming event QR code. If you do not have data this will affect the ability to download the QR code, as the code is sent via SMS text message. These customers should receive the confirmation text message missing the QR code. This means they can present the Ticket ID, Confirmation # or phone number to the theater employee for entrance.


Hey Enoch, Thanks for using Atom! Your order for The Huntsman: Winter's War at Landmark Cinemas 16 Country Hills for 07:00 PM, 04/25/2016 is confirmed. Scan your QR code at the theater to redeem your tickets and concessions. Your ticket ID is 37250:04046805, confirmation # WMNBMMT

Using this example you would present this number to the theater employee - Your ticket ID is 37250:04046805, confirmation # WMNBMMT


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